Fun Ideas for Using Bi-Fold Doors Around the House, As More Than Just Doors!

Bi-fold doors are commonly used for closets, or for hiding away your laundry centre or pantry. However, you might consider using bi-fold doors for many home projects, and as more than just doors! Before you head to the home improvement store to pick up the materials you need for certain projects around the home, note where and how you can use bi-fold doors instead. Room dividers Being able to bend the panels of bi-fold doors on their hinges allows you to set up the doors in the middle of a space, without the need for any type of footing. Read More 

5 Reasons Aluminium Windows Look So Much Better than uPVC Windows

Aluminium windows are some of the most expensive around, with uPVC as a far better option if you really need to keep to a tight budget. However, aluminium windows do come with plenty of compelling benefits, and probably the most important for the average homeowner is superior looks. Here are just five reasons why aluminium windows look so much better than uPVC windows. 1. Slim Lines Oddly enough, one of the best aesthetic advantages that comes with aluminium is that you don't need to see very much of it. Read More 

What to Do When You Want Bi-Fold Doors Added to Your Patio Area

Adding bi-fold doors to your home's patio area can mean having more open space than a standard sliding door would allow as you can open more of the door for added light and air circulation. This also means more room for foot traffic in and out of the home when entertaining on the patio. When you're ready to shop for bi-fold doors for your home's patio area, note a few considerations to keep in mind. Read More 

3 Reasons Why Double Glazed Windows Are a Wise Financial Investment for Your Home

Double glazed windows have been a common feature in many European homes for decades. They are also becoming increasingly popular in Australian homes due to the increased insulation and reduced noise penetration they provide once installed. Double glazed windows will cost you a bit more than traditional single glazed windows but they're worth paying extra for. Here are three reasons why double glazed windows are a wise financial investment for your home. Read More 

Should You Opt for Window Film or Different Glass for Your Home Windows?

A home's windows may be one of the biggest sources of heat loss during wintertime, and they can also allow sunlight and heat to get trapped in the home during summertime, making the space seem warm and stuffy. You can upgrade to a better quality glass in the home or choose a protective, insulating window film, which is usually more affordable. Note a few other reasons why window film may be the better option for your home, beyond the cost alone. Read More