What to Consider When Designing Stained Glass Windows

Creating a stirring stained glass window design is an exciting process. However, you're only ever a few wrong turns away from producing an end-product that's underwhelming. With a few simple tips, you can aim for a stained glass installation that will delight you for years to come.

Consider marking a special occasion

Many people choose stained glass for the same reasons they choose other types of artwork. They want to embellish their homes with a design that carries some significance. If you're stuck for ideas, consider a special occasion you want to remember forever. Historically, households worldwide have based their creations on momentous occasions such as weddings, births and changes in government. Once you know what your special occasion is, you can begin focusing on the symbols that represent it.

Think about the statement items in your home 

As an industry that spans back over a thousand years, stained glass design is a vocation that rarely alters. What does change, however, is the way you use it to complement other items on your property. If you're far from traditionalist and you love contemporary designs, consider ways your stained glass will juxtapose with modern furniture. If you want to avoid overshadowing a particular item, consider toning down the nature of your design.

Create a window that compensates for a view you dislike

While some people choose stained glass installations because they love the idea of bringing a historic theme to their properties, a few have an ulterior motive. If a room you use a lot has a view you're not keen on, a stained glass window allows natural light to flood in while compensating for it. As such, you may want to consider creating a design that reflects the view you would like to see. For example, if you're living in an urban metropolis and miss rolling hills, incorporate a country-style design into your window.

Cast your mind back to historical eras

Two ages where stained glass windows garnered popularity across multiple households were the Victorian and Georgian eras. However, you may find that you prefer the artwork of Tudor households, Edwardian homes or something else. If you're edging towards beautifying your home's glass because you're a history lover, research some of the popular themes in eras that you love. When one starts to capture your imagination, discuss its trends with your designer.

As a process you shouldn't rush, installing stained glass windows throughout your home will become a resounding success when you give it plenty of thought. If you find yourself feeling stuck on the inspiration front, consider talking to a professional